We provide on-ground competitive experience to our students through regular tournaments. For the all-round development of the budding cricketer – installing confidence, increasing concentration, and creating the right mental attitude to play competitive cricket – our students participate in various tournaments throughout the year.

These tournaments help in enriching a child’s social environment, cultivating key cricketing talent, along with shaping the youngster’s leadership, communication, teamwork, and organisational skill sets.

Further, our indigenous Junior Pitch cricket league provides hands-on exposure to the real cricketing world to children below 14 years.

Here are some glimpses of our past tournaments:
a) Junior Pitch – 2014 (24 Team)
b) Junior Pitch – 2013 (12 Team)
c) GD Goenka U-12, Greater NOIDA
d) GD Goenka U-12, Raj Nagar Extension